Deeper and Better Category Module

Deeper and Better Category Module
VERSION 2.1 of Deeper & Better Category Module is a "must have" extension - it has now a number of advantages compared to the standard Category module:

- Category front-end module shows up to 5-th sub-level
- Enable/Disable an accordion menu effect
- Submenu indicators
- Multiple category modules in admin
- You can skip the top level category and show only its children subcategories
- Menu has additional HTML elements for better styling
- Exclude/include the empty categories
- Show/hide the categories product count

Unique - Menu is always 'aware' of what you're browsing even if you load a product page directly!

Admin: demo
Pass: demo

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Version 1.2 features
- 5 levels deep menu structure
- You can show/hide the empty categories in the menu
- You can show/hide the number of the products under the categories

Deeper and Better Category Module* has three main advantages compared to the standard Category module:

- Your Category list is one more level deep: it shows up to 3-rd level of subdirectories;
- You can set it not to show the top level categories;
- You have additional CSS classes for active and parental categories so you can do a better styling:
a) an item that is currently active and has children is assigned classes "active minus"
b) currently active item with no children is assigned the class "active" only
c) all items not currently open but that has children are assigned the class "plus"

How is this usefull?

1. Your menu structure becomes:

Top Level Category 1
- Subcategory 1.1
--SubSubcategory 1.1.1 <- added new sublevel
--SubSubcategory 1.1.2
- Subcategory 1.2
Top Level Category 2

2. When on category or product page you can use the module to show just the subcategories list, which could be very handy type of navigation as this way the menu is more focused on the current category which is a SEO benefit as well. Together with the horizontal menu it makes the perfect combination.

Top Level Category 1 (as Module's Heading)
Subcategory 1.1
--SubSubcategory 1.1.1 <- added new sublevel
--SubSubcategory 1.1.2
Subcategory 1.2

3. The 'ul' wrapping your list gets an additional class 'dbcategoryul' for more styling options.

4. The 'div' wrapping your category list is asigned an additional class 'dbcategory' so that you can style the menu the way you want it.

5. The active and/or parental 'a' are assigned classes "active", "active minus" or "plus" which gives you full control over your new menu behavior.

All the other features of the standard Category module: layouts, show/hide product count, positions, sort order are retained as well.

Version 15.6.4 Demo
Admin: demo; Pass: demo

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Note: The vQmod version modifies the standard Category module instead of creating a new module.


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