[VQMOD] OpenCart Search Pro 1.5.X

[VQMOD] OpenCart Search Pro 1.5.X

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In a default open cart store, searching for samsung galaxy will produce "Samsung SyncMaster 941BW" as the first result, despite there being a product called "Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" which ranks second. That may not sound like a big deal, but the default it's only a small store, and it doesn't actually display them based on relevance whatsoever, so if you had 1000 product results, your samsung galaxy could be ranked right at the end even though it's the one product your customers are trying to find

OpenCart Search Pro however matches based on a points system, where the more it matches, the higher it ranks. For the above two products when searching for "samsung galaxy" on titles only, the points are as follows (rounded up/down as appropriate)
Samsung Galaxy Tab - 4.9
Samsung SyncMaster 941BW - 2.0

Searching both products and descriptions, the points are
Samsung Galaxy Tab - 5.7
Samsung SyncMaster 941BW - 2.2

Another example is searching for "Apple Macbook" in descriptions as well as the title. On a default store, the "Apple Cinema" product comes up first, despite three apple Macbooks being listed below it. Again, with OpenCart Search pro, this doesn't happen, and the three Macbooks

Something like this is a must for your shopping cart if you want your customers to find your products quickly and easily


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