Automatic SEO URL with multilanguage support, also in sitemap

Automatic SEO URL with multilanguage support, also in sitemap
This extensions replace the default "SEO URL" management and take care of generating search engine friendly urls in an automatic way.

FAST: no more a query for any link created, all the links are created using 4 queries, also if you have 400 links in one page

CLEAN: all the infos are placed at the end of the url, in a very small string

PORTABLE: if you want you can continue using the default 'SEO keyword' in product, category and page info admin pages, in this cases the automatic will use this for generating the url (but queries to database becomes more and more)

MULTILINGUAL: this code supports language tags in url

best of all this is FREE!!

If you have a multilanguage site, you can add the language code to the url so you will have unique and translated urls! (see documentation)
Also you can generate different sitemaps for any language

Other features are the adding of the manufacturer name to the product page urls (only if you want) and the prevention of duplicates urls (products linked to more then one category)

You can also set word separator (like '-' or '_') and the extenion of the url (like '.html' and '.php')

Take a look to the docs for have more details about installation and configuration.

Hope you will like it.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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20 Apr 2015

8 May 2012
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