"@tik" Copy customer order confirmation for owner

"@tik" Copy customer order confirmation for owner
OpenCart 3.x: Please use Power Email Editor, which is a more powerful solution.

OpenCart generates 2 emails when an order is placed - one for the customer and another for store owner.

This is quite fancy/powerful and useful if you are a online store developer creating stores for many clients, trying to show off.

However, if you are a small store owner setting up your store yourself, you may find that the email notification you get when an order is placed, is rather sparse.

The simple idea behind this vQmod is that when an order is placed, the store owner gets the exact same email as the customer.

This is helpful for small store owners as they can see the detailed order including who placed it without having to log into the store AP.

It is also useful for store owners and developers to see what the customers get when they place an order.

This mod also fixes a bug whereby the HTML emails being sent to customers did not include order comments/instructions. With this mod, the order confirmation to customer as well as the order notification to store owner include the order comments.

This is a vqmod. No core files are changed.

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I hope you enjoy this extension. Please to enable me to maintain and further develop it.

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1.5.4,,,, 1.5.6

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30 Jun 2018

10 May 2012
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