Yes to newsletter 2.1

Yes to newsletter 2.1
The idea is exceedingly simple.

Users have inertia against action. To get them to do anything is hard.

This is true for newsletter signups as well. We know from experience and experimentation that if on the register page you put an unchecked box for newsletter signup, then very few (~15%) will bother to sign up. On the other hand, if "Yes" is selected by default, then very few (~20%) will change it to "No".

In Opencart's default configuration, on the customer registration page the newsletter signup is "No" by default. This mod changes the default to "Yes".

Please check the legal framework in your market. While working for a large telecom company, I obtained legal advice for several European markets, and having the option selected as "Yes" by default is legal in most of these, based on my understanding.

If you audit permissions by opt-out i.e. include everyone unless they say NO (i.e. ask you to remove them) in a mailing list etc, THAT is illegal. In other words, if you were to remove the checkbox/ radio buttons and have everybody "opted in" by default, giving them the option only to log into their account details to opt out, that would be illegal in many countries.

The important distinction is providing the users the option BEFORE the action. By having the checkbox ticked or "Yes" radio button selected, but allowing the users to change it, you are still auditing permissions via opt-in, and that is legal based on councel that I have received.

But please, check the legal framework in your market; I bear no responsibility.

This is designed to work with the default theme.

No core files are changed.

Please read documentation!

Support is at OpenCart Forums

I hope you enjoy this free extension. Please to enable me to maintain and further develop it.

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