Product Bundle v1.23

Product Bundle v1.23
A product bundle is a product that contains one or several other products. In admin you can relate several sub products to a main product in the product form. You can also enter quantity on each product that is added/related. If someone buys a bundled product in the store, the quantity for every product in the bundle decreases with the same amount you have entered in admin. This extension have been developed to work with one of my other extensions "Hide Add to Cart" and it have been confirmed working well together; when one of the products in the bundle is "sould out", the overlay image is displayed and add to cart button removed.

This is the same as paketartikel, paketartiklar, strukturartikel, strukturartiklar (in swedish).

This extension will create two database tables that is used for storing bundled products relations. The database tables should be automatically created, if it however for some reasons is not created automatically, there is a sql-code example in the docs for creating it manually.

Tested and verified to work from v1.5.1.3 up to v1.5.5.1.
Please check compatibility on each version, it can differ.

About templates:
This vqmod modifyes a few template files, The vqmod itself is designed to work with as many templates as possible, but sometimes it fails with some templates. Then it's on you (or the template designer) to adjust the vqmod to your specific template.

- English
- Swedish


Upload XML-file to vqmod/xml/ in the OpenCart installation.

Joakim Ljungh <>

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