Affiliate Homepage Link to Promote All Products

Affiliate Homepage Link to Promote All Products
Affiliate Homepage Link to Promote all Products

This extension is essential for anybody serious about running an affiliate program. As you can see in image 2 above, OpenCart's default installation does not provide your affiliates with an affiliate link for your homepage. Therefore, affiliates are forced to use product specific affiliate links to promote your site. This extension rectifies this (see image 1 above) by providing your affiliates with a custom tracking link to your homepage. This makes promoting your site much much easier for your affiliates meaning, more profit for them and your site!

This is a vQmod extension that adds a homepage link with your affiliate's tracking code attached to it on the 'Custom Affiliate Tracking Code' page inside their affiliate account. Allowing affiliates to easily copy the tracked homepage link so that they can promote your site's homepage and get paid commission on any products bought by their visitors.

There are two versions of this extension. One for Opencart Versions and above and one for all Opencart versions below Please make sure you download the correct version of the extension to match the version of Opencart you are using.

Customer Comments:
"Thanks for all your help!
The extension is simple but highly effective. Trust me when I say the process of selling someone on the idea of the affiliate program is a lot easier when all they have to do is provide one easy link to generate their $$. If you have someone linking each individual product, consider yourself lucky. A++ Support!"


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31 May 2012
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