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This extension is for Chase Paymenttech and designed to run on Joomla Ace Shops version of Open Cart. To install simply add to the appropriate folders within opencart within the Ace Shop component, disable the vqmod cache enable and then renable the vqmod cache.

Please note you will still have to go through the Chase certification for you estore this is required for any new site using Chase Paymenttech.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Note this licenses is per site. Please contact me for multi site discount.

Release 1.6.2
- New Chase message standards

Release 1.60
- updates to curl calls to resolve php 5.4.X issues.
- updates to handle Chase API changes

Release 1.5.4
- revamped the notification logic, as some customers experienced missing notification emails
- removed the notify option added in 1.5.3 as it caused confusion about when notifications were sent out.

Release 1.5.1
- as per special request, if ccv value isn't entered, the <CardSecVal> won't be sent at all
- fixed premature "notify" bug. input attempts are still logged properly, but notify won't kick in unless initiated in admin backend

Release 1.5.0
- implement tabbed setting gui for easier navigation
- implement additional debug-logging features for trouble shooting (ghost-mode, Request/Response debug, link to error log)
- fix "CardSecVal-not-submitted" bug
- implemented an improved order history strategy - failed attempts will now be logged in order history
- added additional transaction type "Account Verification"
- added admin check to make sure curl module is enabled in php
- removed the textbox asking for CVV if the settings disabled the submission of the CardSecVal

Release 1.4.3
- minor corrections and more logging

Release 1.4.2 now available with the following updates:
- updated the submission code to accomodate undocumented chase node names
- minor saving bug fixed

Release 1.3 now available with the following updates:
- Discover card support added.

Release 1.2 now available with the following updates:
- disabled default <CardSecVal> submission unless specified by the user in the settings.
- improved logging of errors
- add a "debug mode" option that generates a popup with the xml response from chase
- adding in "default" server values for the live/test urls
- updated orderId to support chases minimum 8 digit standard
- Amex support added


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