Customer InfoPay - Submit payment info / docs

Customer InfoPay - Submit payment info / docs
Sometimes it is necessary to request payment receipts or other information, as it could be in the case of a bank transfer, or sending money via Wester Union, MoneyGram or other methods.
For you and your customer this will be a very convenient and easy to use feature, and also allows you to always have your orders under control.

With this extension, your customer will be able to send this information, in a very professional way, directly from your website by logging into their account panel.

If you are able to allow payment methods such as Western Union, Bank Transfer, Postepay Recharge, Moneygram, Skrill,
or other methods of money transfer, this is very useful and your customer will be sure of your trustworthiness.

This extension is able to add a new order status (eg: "Payment information received")

Fully customizable this software can and autonomously send e-mails both to the shop owner and also to the customer, assigning the new order status! Only profit, no waste of time!

This is an ocmod extension, use the Opencart Installer for to install.
More details into the package.

See all my extensions, you may find something very interesting for your site!

== Features
: Fully Customizable:
- Add all desidered fields like: File-Upload, Select, Radio, Checkbox, Text Input, Textarea, Date, Time, Date & Time
- Enable by order status (like "pending" or other) and by payment method (like "bank transfer" or other)
- Notify by email to the customer
- Notifi by email to the administrator
- Updating of Order History
- Customer Activity Log

Features - OpenCart v1.5.5.x:
- Field: Sender Name, pre-compiled and editable, Required
- Field: Customer e-mail address, pre-compiled and editable, Required
- Field: Customer telephone, pre-compiled and editable, Required
- Field: Customer Comment, Enable/Disable, Optional
- Field: File Upload, Enable/Disable, Optional
- Field: Payment Method, input type Text or Select with optional image icon, Required
- Field: Money Transfer Control Number, Required
- Field: Repeat Money Transfer Control Number, Optional
- Field: Transfer Amount, Required
- Field: Transfer Date (input with js date)
- Check of multiple orders
- Order limit to display
- Order History Updating with your custom order status, Enable/Disable
- Notify Customer, e-mail and history
- Switch HTML e-mail with template / TEXT e-mail


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