Review Booster | Order Reviews

Review Booster | Order Reviews

Review Booster | Order Reviews
It gives you the possibility to send automated messages to your customers and ask them to review a product they purchased.
User reviews are proven sales drives … and something the majority of customers will to want to see before deciding to make a purchase. User reviews increase conversations. They can eliminate any doubts potential customers may have about a product, or can help with the product selection.
Improving conversations and improving customer experience should be the main purpose of user reviews, but let us not forget the considerable SEO benefits: Fresh, unique content for search engines.
When many e-commerce sites just use standard descriptions, user-generated content can differentiate a product in the search results.

Get more product reviews with a new Review Booster.
Send Mail After Purchase to encourage customers to leave reviews (proven to dramatically increase reviews)

  • Multistore
  • Multistore
  • Set automatically Discounts for leaving product reviews
  • The list of coupons code with the date of used
  • Auto aprove reviews with with a high rating
  • The minimum rating for auto approve reviews
  • Template included
  • Exclude customer group
  • Easy to set up your own template
  • Send emails on autopilot (cronjob) requesting a review after a purchase
  • Page with the form by which you can add the review
  • Admin can determine order status to trigger review reminders
  • Review Booster uses emails from orders as people do not always create an account
  • Definable text for the message with the subject (HTML editor)
  • Admin can set X days after the order to send out the review request
  • Possibility of sending review form via email
  • Add better rating for all products
  • Send reminders to customers, guests or all
  • Custom color of star
  • Support GDPR Law (field Privacy Policy & unsubscribe me)
  • History of all requests
  • Field 'How did you hear about our website'
  • Now you can resend the request (simply remove an old request from the history)
  • Two new modes: (per product or per order)
  • Display product images in per product email reviews
  • Manually sending an email with a request to review
  • Additional note "Verified Buyer" beside the name of the reviewer
  • Product limit to set a limit for the evaluation of products for order
  • Change the order status after request is sent
  • Automatically refresh the tab 'History'
  • Upload images when the Advanced Product Reviews installed
  • Easy installation and simple Cronjob
  • Cron command will be generated automatically for you, just copy and paste!

Module Settings (Extensions -> Extensions -> Modules -> Review Booster)
Manually Send Notification (Sales -> Orders)

  • OpenCart 1.5.1.x and higher
  • VQMOD 2.6.2 and higher ( only for Opencart 1.5.1 - 2.2.x

What customers say about Review Booster | Order Reviews

In the past I had a bad review for this, I'm revising this now, however of recent the developer has been much more better and now I consider him top five, the extention is very good, but there is some bug's, it's been one of my most buggy extentions, the developer has fixed most of them, but still a few outstanding.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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