Review Booster | Order Reviews

Review Booster | Order Reviews

Review Booster | Order Reviews
It gives you the possibility to send automated messages to your customers and ask them to review a product they purchased.
User reviews are proven sales drives … and something the majority of customers will to want to see before deciding to make a purchase. User reviews increase conversations. They can eliminate any doubts potential customers may have about a product, or can help with the product selection.
Improving conversations and improving customer experience should be the main purpose of user reviews, but let us not forget the considerable SEO benefits: Fresh, unique content for search engines.
When many e-commerce sites just use standard descriptions, user-generated content can differentiate a product in the search results.

Get more product reviews with a new Review Booster.
Send Mail After Purchase to encourage customers to leave reviews (proven to dramatically increase reviews)

  • Multistore
  • Multistore
  • Set automatically Discounts for leaving product reviews
  • The list of coupons code with the date of used
  • Auto aprove reviews with with a high rating
  • The minimum rating for auto approve reviews
  • Template included
  • Exclude customer group
  • Easy to set up your own template
  • Send emails on autopilot (cronjob) requesting a review after a purchase
  • Page with the form by which you can add the review
  • Admin can determine order status to trigger review reminders
  • Review Booster uses emails from orders as people do not always create an account
  • Definable text for the message with the subject (HTML editor)
  • Admin can set X days after the order to send out the review request
  • Possibility of sending review form via email
  • Add better rating for all products
  • Send reminders to customers, guests or all
  • Custom color of star
  • Support GDPR Law (field Privacy Policy & unsubscribe me)
  • History of all requests
  • Field 'How did you hear about our website'
  • Now you can resend the request (simply remove an old request from the history)
  • Two new modes: (per product or per order)
  • Display product images in per product email reviews
  • Manually sending an email with a request to review
  • Additional note "Verified Buyer" beside the name of the reviewer
  • Product limit to set a limit for the evaluation of products for order
  • Change the order status after request is sent
  • Automatically refresh the tab 'History'
  • Upload images when the Advanced Product Reviews installed
  • Easy installation and simple Cronjob
  • Cron command will be generated automatically for you, just copy and paste!

Module Settings (Extensions -> Extensions -> Modules -> Review Booster)
Manually Send Notification (Sales -> Orders)

  • OpenCart 1.5.1.x and higher
  • VQMOD 2.6.2 and higher ( only for Opencart 1.5.1 - 2.2.x

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