Product Image Color Swap

Product Image Color Swap
Do you:
- Sell sticker decal or similar colorful products?
- Want to give your clients multiple color options per product to select from?
- Want the selected color options to be reflected straight-away on the screen so your clients can see what they're buying?

With Product Image Color Swap, you can add a color changeable image each product.
Clients no longer have to play guessing games, they can now pick one (or more) colors, see how their favourite products actually look like in the selected colors before making the purchase.

3 different ways for customers to select color: from existing Image Patterns, custom Color Options, or custom Color/Color Picker

What's new in v2.5
- OpenCart 3 update

With Image Options & Color Options

With Color Options & Color Picker Options

More examples

Admin (demo/demo)

Important Notes
- This module can be used with Image Options, Color Options , Color Picker Options.
Image Options are OpenCart built-in
Color Options (optional) require Product Color Option extension (v1.2.1 or above)
Color Picker Options (optional) require Product Color Picker Option extension (v1.1 or above)

- Software to create SVG images is required.
There are free tool (Inkscape) online tool (VectorMagic) and commercial ones (CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator). VectorMagic is recommended by most users.
- Work best with simple images with just a few colors. Complicated pictures such as photograph won't work.
- The SVG picture is displayed only on product detail page, on other screens (category, shopping cart etc), the default image (in Data tab) is still used.

- OpenCart 3
- OpenCart 2
- OpenCart 1.5
NOTE: pattern images are supported only with OpenCart and above. For older versions, only color options are usable.
- MijoShop
- Default theme and default-based themes
Compatible with most other themes
Customising the mod to work with your theme (custom or not) is provided at no extra cost

- Product Image Option DropDown: for a nicer display of image options

Contact & Support
Please use comment area for questions, features request and feedback only
For support please send emails to for faster response

Terms & Conditions
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