Admin Tweaks

Admin Tweaks

We find that there a few tweaks in the Admin Panel can save us a click or two, and in day-to-day operations, these clicks add up.

This extension makes the following tweaks:
  1. Orders list: Filter by payment method, shipping method, and more. Payment method and shipping method added as sortable columns to table. Ability to color code order statuses. By default orders are filtered by status (only Pending shown). By default, orders are sorted by value (highest value first).
  2. Products list: Filter by manufacturer, category, and more.
  3. Categories list: Filter categories by store.
  4. Reviews list: Default sort changed to NEWEST FIRST. Abilitiy to filter reviews.
  5. Coupons list: Ability to filter coupons.
  6. Sales report: Default grouping changed to monthly.

Because this is an OCMod, no core files are touched, and the changes should carry over to the next version.

Please read documentation!

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OC 3.x Support thread
OC Support thread

v 3.1
  1. Minor bugfixes

v 3.0
  1. Compatibility with OpenCart 3.x

v 2.9
  1. Compatibility with OpenCart
  2. Changed from vQMod to OCMod
  3. Added several new filters

v 1.1
  1. Initial release

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