ICICI PaySeal Payment

Update 2015-11-30:
Long time ago, for testing whether e-business (software industry in a freelancer way) is possible, i done this extension, and do full supporting on those who bought this extension.
And yes, it is a good feeling, helping people and the same time get money...
But the solution is so cheap, that even non-developers and/or those who don't know opencart also try to install the extension, then, it begins to spend me too much time on helping those who even didn't read the README file...
So i decided to stop do supporting on this extension...But closing it is not a way to resolve the problem cause there are still old customers. I'm going to change the price to $99999, indicate that this is only for supporting old customers.

Thank you.
ICICI PaySeal Credit/Debit Card Payment is widely used in India.
Can work with ANY theme. NO file overwritten.

And now going to support opencart 2.0. Please choose the right version for your opencart site.

Extension Name Rule:
v2.x.x -- is for opencart 2.0
v1.x.x -- is for opencart 1.0
x.x here is the version of the extension itself.

==== HISTORY ====
- 2015-10-07 v2.0.1 Bug: no return to success page (everything works fine, only not show success page)
- 2015-10-05 v2.0.1 Added opencart v2 supporting.

==== OLD HISTORY ====
add clear error output from ICICI bank
fix bug when deploy on windows platform
fix bug in ICICI lib
standard payment is for supporting SSL payment method


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,

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30 Nov 2015

27 Aug 2012
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