OpenCart Lightning - Most Effective Accelerator

OpenCart Lightning - Most Effective Accelerator
Attention! My new extension Test Site creates the copy of your live shop for tests in one click.

Lightning is the most complete and progressive solution to make you shop as fast as possible. It includes all the techniques that are required to reach the outstanding result - from top to bottom:

  • get the highest possible speed and scores

  • optimize for a large number of products & categories

  • feel massive customer experience and SEO boost

  • no need for additional caching or optimization extensions

  • no need to configure

  • try for 7 days how it works with your shop

Comparing to another extensions, Lightning is deeper, faster and easier to configure. Most extensions has a lot of options and promises, but you do not feel any speed after installing them.

Lightning really works, and you will see the massive effect right away. It works with most themes (including JOURNAL2), filters and SEO extensions.

Lightning is available for download and installation right now.
You will have 7 days to test is back and forth and see the effect it has on your shop.
After the trial period is over, you need to purchase a license for your shop ($78 per domain).

Please follow Install instructions or Upgrade instructions.

Time-limited proposal! Get my new extension Test Site as a gift on Lightning license purchase :-)

What customers say about OpenCart Lightning - Most Effective Accelerator

Post installation I noticed that users are not able to search at front end. Customer's Online history stopped updating. Clicked uninstall and it took me to a page where I followed all steps and messed up with my site as it stopped responding completely. Users started to get error messages at front.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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