Facebook Contest (Deal Unlocker)

Facebook Contest (Deal Unlocker)

Facebook Deal Unlocker - Easy way to promote your products and boost your sales by creating contest on your store (or on Facebook Store)
Now you can promote your brand and products using Facebook Deal Unlocker.

Do you want to create a Facebook Contest on your store or on Facebook Store Page. That extension you need.

How it works?

* admin - add new deal/contest (prize info, required number of customers to unlock offer etc)

* customers/visitors like/share/invite friends and receive deal points as reward

* Facebook Deal Unlocker choose winner (random or customer with more deal points - depends module settings)

* Send mail to winner (is is not set to approve winner) or send mail to admin to validate new winner
admin can change winner (require "validate winner " option to Enabled)

To join contest and to receive deal points customer need to like/share/invite friends. => You promote your products using Facebook platform and your customers for free.

Think at this:

-> If for a deal you set 100 required people
-> if each customer have at least 100 friends (but you know that almost 90% facebook user have more than 400 friends) when he like/share or invite friends => your offers are seen by over 10000 potential customers

*See demo for details.

You can check the Shop DEMO here: http://demo5.oc-extensions.com/modules/

and the Admin DEMO here: http://demo5.oc-extensions.com/modules/admin/

(user: demo, password: demo).


  • Developed by OpenCart Partner
  • Documentation Included


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21 Jan 2019

11 Sep 2012
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