vQModerator is the One-Stop extension if you want to use vQMod!
It handles the installing/updating of vQMod, and you can manage all your extensions.
You can also edit extensions, or if you're a developer generate your XML or Package files.
It fully integrates with OpenCart Modifications, so you can have the best of both worlds!

What you get:
- NEW!!! vQModerator Easy Update (Installs latest version from server)
- SUPER Easy installation of both vQMod and vQModerator (excellent for updating!)
- One-Click Install/Update vQMod from within vQModerator (Installs latest version from server)
- vQMods and OCMods Manager (Upload / Install / Download / Uninstall / Delete / Update)
- Clean Uninstall of new extensions (Keeps track of new files, and deletes them on uninstall)
- "Smart" vQMods Generator/Editor (inspired by vQGen by UKSB - http://www.opencart-extensions.co.uk)
- (Developers) Ability to add New Files (php,txt,tpl,jpg,png,gif....) to your Packages
- NEW!!! (Developers) Generate All mod files, and put in "tests folder" to compare against

The "Smart" vQMod & OCMod Generator has the following functionality:
- Includes all possible vQMod and OCMod settings (up to vQMod v2.5.1)
- You can add New Files to your packages! (Only works for OCMods or vQMods with vQModerator!!)
- Rather clearly shows what you need to set/what's gonna happen
- Autocompletes the "File" field (click for next dir, until you reach your file)
- Checks if the "Search" string exists in "File"! (and reports how often)
- Possible to check "Search" string in Multiple OpenCart versions!
- Automagically shows/hides possible inputs, depending on selection
- You can show/hide all files and operations (for better overview)
- Code highlighting for "Add" field (Also very "editable" inside the Generator)

This extension tries to write/delete files from the server (both for vQMod Install/Update and Extensions with new files).
For that, you need to set your FTP settings.

Let me know what you think!

This module is FREE, but if you like to donate: PayPal@AvanOsch.nl

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility,,,,,,,, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,

Last Update
7 Nov 2015

12 Sep 2012
Member since: 7 Oct 2010

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