Html Everywhere

Html Everywhere
Simple, easy to use html module. You can put any html content anywhere on your site. You can choose if the module will be displayed in box format or without formatting.
The module's heading text and background color can be set on the admin page. You can change the heading text color too.

Place any html code anywhere on your site
Added 4 new positions: Header Top, Header Bottom, Footer Top, Footer Bottom
If you choose to show the module on Category page, you can specify that in which category should the module be active
Set custom heading text
Set custom heading background and text color
Choosable format: Box, or no format
Multi store support
Multi layout select (Set one module to multiple layout)
Multi language support
Unlimited module placemenet

- If you experiencing disappearing modules, at save, you propably exceeded the maximum data that can be saved in the database.
- To solve this problem, you have to change the type of "value" field in your database in "setting" table to "LONGTEXT".

- We added a file to the download called "db_update.php". It's a script that will do the above mentioned modification to your database automatically. Using it, is extremely dangeorus, so create a backup of your database before use it.
- To run the script: open your web browser and go to "http://YOUR_STORE_URL/db_update.php". USE IT ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Be careful if you update the module to version 1.5. We modificated the admin section of the module, to have support for multiple layout select. This will propably cause the disappearing of your existing modules!

Please use the comment section for general questions, feedbacks etc... only. For error related and for more complex problems, please use the forum or send a message to our email address!

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  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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14 Sep 2012
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