Search Attributes Color

Search Attributes Color
"Search Attributes Color"
This OpenCart module enables customers to search for products in your store according to keywords and model (autocomplete),
categories, sub categories, manufacturers, attributes, by price range.
The Advantage of using this module is that your customers can search for products in any page of your store and the search can be
made in any combination of fields.
To install module you need to copy files to the appropriate directories without any copy-paste in another files.
compatible with (VQMod)
Searching will be by the name attribute.
The attribute value is not used.
This way are allowing to make searching is more faster when in data base there are a lot of goods.
For example a group of attributes "Processor" attribute "No. of Cores" with values 1, 4
need to change the name of the attribute "No. of Cores 1", "No. of Cores 4"

Sample entry of the name of the attribute color - #FF0000 Red (it allows do not use for each color image)
For attribute 'Colorful' set attribute #111111 Colorful in the admin panel to choose the color of colored product.
In this case will show picture of the multi-colored goods.

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What customers say about Search Attributes Color

The search functionality should work with the values of the attributes and not with the names of the attributes. The values don't have any use anymore; especially to use of the colors is very poor as the user on the frontend sees the hexcode. Very disapointing.


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3 Jun 2014

18 Sep 2012
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