UNIQUE!! Extreme Performance - The very best for OC 1.5

UNIQUE!! Extreme Performance - The very best for OC 1.5
APC + Memcache + MySQL Cache + Page Cache + HTML, CSS and Javascript Minification + Compression + Image DataURI + Image Optimization

UNIQUE!! DON'T EXIST even similar extensions:
Improve from 47/100 points up to 96/100 points in Google Pagespeed & YSlow.

IMPORTANT: Depending on your theme and grade of customization this could be a bit less.

ALL-IN-ONE! This extension takes care of ALL web Performance and Scalability standars.

I'm very fanatic of perfomance, and the speed of Opencart made me lose hair prematurely, so I made this complete solution that really speed up Opencart, transforming it into an e-commerce with professional performance.

If this extension is to much for you, or if you need a different solution, take a look to my other extensions, I a have solutions for every performance issue and every budget.


After a deep resource analisis, I completely reestructure the requests, to load just really required resources, and in the best order to give fastest responses, giving a better customer experinece.

This extension reduce drasticaly the number and size of request: in a standar opencart form 42 to 7 (*), and from 550KB to 319KB(*) by compress, minify and optimize (those numbers may be different, but usually keep this proportion)

The importance of cut down the number of request, is because almost all browsers can only make two requests at a time, so the browser will request two files, download them and then move on to the next two. The more HTTP requests, or separate components a page requires to display properly, the longer the user will have to wait. An untouched Opencart (42 requests) loads in 8.634s, and with my extension (7 requests) just 2.612s (installed in a free hosting).


Optimize your server resources, saving you a lot of images processing and DB requests (quering just when data change), freeing your server to provide a quality service to more customers, and support unlimited products/categories without speed loose. The request are resolved quickly (because they are in RAM), and meanwhile, the server is free.

To understand the differerence between Performance and Scalability, read "Documentation" Tab.

  • Almost instantaneous page load!! Because clients won't wait.
  • Increase Performance
  • Increase Scalability
  • HTML + CSS + Javascript Minification
  • Cache renders, files and queries in RAM Memory
  • Dinamicaly convert images to Data URI (the CSS Sprites successor)
  • Optimize images
  • Compress everything
  • Improves SEO performance.
  • 100% Multilingual.
  • Compatible with mobile themes.
  • Template Independient.
  • Multi currency
  • Don't replace any file
  • First class support.

  • OpenCart (support all 1.x versions).
  • VQmod
  • Optional: Memcache or APC


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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6 Apr 2016

19 Sep 2012
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