Freestyle Box - Add multiple info modules on any page

Freestyle Box - Add multiple info modules on any page
The "Welcome" module allows you to provide an introduction to your store, but there is no real flexibility in it's use.

Freestylebox allows the user to choose their own heading for the content, rather than the standard "Welcome to My Store". You can choose between, the "welcome" style (similar to that produced by the Welcome module), "box" style (similar to the Featured or Specials modules), or no style which ignores any text in the heading field.

And what's more, you can have as many instances of the module on as many layouts as you want !

Checkout the demo to see what's possible!

NEW FEATURE Option to set "Code Mode" to bypass CKEditor and the strange things it sometimes does to your html.
Get the html you want for your page!

  • New Set "Code Mode"
  • Any number of additional boxes allowed on as many layouts as you like.
  • Different heading allowed for each "box"
  • Position in: + Content Top + Content Bottom + Column Left + Column Right
  • Three styles available (mix and match as you see fit): + "Welcome" module style + "Featured" module style + No style, no heading
  • Place in any available layout of your choosing
  • Content can be text, images, links, Youtube video, Google maps. . . Anything you want
  • Customise tab labels to easily identify the module you want to edit
  • Option to 'Save and Continue' to make it easier to allow you to preview your work in progress
  • Will work with most Custom Themes. Guidance on editing the appropriate file (if this is necessary) is included in the download, or contact me if you're having problems.

  • Not currently compatible with v1.5.0.x or earlier. I will create a compatible version if there is a demand for it. Please leave a comment if so.

Store Front

Admin interface:
Username and Password : demo

1. Extract all the files from the zip file.
2. Upload the contents of the "upload" folder to your opencart root directory (nothing is overwritten - it's all new files).
3. Log in to your admin console and click on Extensions | Module.
4. Install "Freestylebox".
5. Then click on Edit and you're off.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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