Customer and Affiliate Accounts Combined

Customer and Affiliate Accounts Combined
With this module the users no longer need to maintain two separate accounts for customer and affiliate. No more going through registration process twice, re-entering profile information, logging into two different places, etc. There is now a single account, linking affiliate with customer. Both customer registration forms (separate and checkout) can include a checkbox to become affiliate and all affiliate-specific fields.

If users don't register as affiliate right away, they will later be able to do that just by clicking the link in the menu, or by accessing any affiliate page while being logged in as a customer.

It is possible to remove certain affiliate-specific fields, including payment methods, or make them required. Some or all fields can be hidden in any or both forms (e.g. in the checkout for simplicity).

Users can transfer their affiliate earnings to their customer accounts and then use the earnings to order products at your shop. You even can set a multiplier for transfered affiliate earnings, so that the amount their customer account is credited with is higher (or lower) than the amount of transfered affiliate earnings. Also possible to pay commissions with store credits only, and convert affiliate earnings into store credits instantly when the commission is added to affiliate balance.

Additional features include:

  • a possibility to have affiliates approved automatically
  • a possibility to prevent customers from getting commission as affiliates for their own orders
  • fixes the problem with affiliate website information not being saved and not displayed to admin, adds configurable option to make website field a textarea, allowing users to input multiple websites
  • option to assign customers with affiliate accounts to a certain customer group
  • possible to force all customers to become affiliates

Attention openCart and users: OCMOD system is broken in those versions, we recommend free extension below to fix it:

Demo version:
    for openCart 3 (contains ALL Affiliate Pack X extensions):

    for openCart 2 (contains ALL Affiliate Pack X extensions):

    for openCart 1 (contains ALL Affiliate Pack X extensions):

Admin login: demo , password: demo

openCart 3 note
In openCart 3, affiliate accounts were merged with customers, although with separate registration. This module removes separate registration, and also provides control over affiliate information fields and other features.
Affiliate Transactions module is also included here, because separate affiliate transactions are merged with store credits in openCart 3.

The module is included in Affiliate Pack X, where you can get it with 40% discount:

For openCart 3 version installation instructions and documentation, see Documentation tab on the Download page.
For openCart 1 and 2 version, installation instructions and documentation is included in the .zip download.
openCart 1.x versions require vQmod.

These modules are supposed to work with regular openCart. Though issues are unlikely, compatibility with 3rd party modules, extensions, themes or modifications is not 100% guaranteed.


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