Any List - Boxes with products anywhere on any page

Any List - Boxes with products anywhere on any page
If you simply want to display box with same products in front page, you can clone featured extension, but if you want two or three or more boxes clonings will increase too much.
This extension add possibility to display selected from admin area products or category in different box somewhere. With only one extension you can do many different boxes e.g. Recommended products, High class products etc., with only one module. Support "Latest" products.

* Add custom selection of products in multiple boxes with add to cart button
* Display whole category (custom limited count of products) in box with add to cart button;
* Display random subset from "Latest" products (for example random 8 of latest 100 products);
* Display promotional boxes with builtin start datetime and end datetime feature with specials support
* Wnen Anylist is invoked in Category page or Manufacturer page, it is possible to define with which category or manufacturer anylist will shown;
* Wnen Anylist is invoked from Product page, it is possible to define with which product's category or manufacturer anylist will shown;
* Define custom title (multilingual support);
* Define custom link for title of box;
* Define custom limit of product count and show random products, if limit is lower than selection;
* Every box can have a code (for automatic import tasks);
* Custom size of thumbnails of products;
* Custom count of products for every box;
* Sort list of products by any field from product table

Stop clone "featured" extension - now this task have elegant alternative!


1. Unzip folder and upload in root of opencart;
2. Go to Admin area and open Extensions -> Modules;
3. Install "List of anyproducts - anywhere";
4. Click Edit and add modules and choose products criteria and limits in every module;

All selection criteria are evaluated with "OR". For example if a category is defined and a few products from other category and latest 50 products - box will show random x products from defined category and its subcategories and defined products and latest 50 products, where x is limit count.

When Category or Manufacturer (Brands) layout is selected additional condition may be supplied. For example when Category layout is chosen, you can specify one or more categories which will conditions for displaying. Only when these categories are visualized from user AnyList will be shown.

When start datetime and/or end datetime are defined module must be enabled. It will hide automatic when time is out of range.

If support needed please contact with me on palex [at]
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27 Apr 2015

29 Oct 2012
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