Admin Login Security Lockdown Suite

Admin Login Security Lockdown Suite
When dealing with E-commerce and customer data online, security is essential, more and more you here about companies getting hacked and customer data being compromised. By default, the OpenCart admin panel login screen is open for anyone to access and make login attempts. With our enhanced admin security extension you can lockout un-authorized access to the admin panel screen by displaying a '404 page not found' to un-authorized internet addresses (or ranges of addresses) making the login visible only to authorized internet addresses. Alternatively you can display a fake 404 page with a hidden password bypass screen which can be bought up by a custom key press sequence which would allow you to view the login screen from unauthorized internet locations. Additionally, if your home or office has a static (never changing) internet ip address, you can allow automated logins from those addresses to an administrative user you specify preventing the need for you to repeatedly specify your user name and password.

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✯ Display a 404 page to unauthorized internet IP addresses (or ranges of) instead of the admin login page (apache style 404 or a fun/styled 404).
✯ Provide a list of static ip addresses (or ranges) which is allowed to access the admin panel.
✯ If you have a static ip, you can grant automated login as X user.
✯ (optionally) Provide a hidden password prompt with a custom key press (configurable/ex: CTRL+SHIFT+M) to bypass the 404 page and reach login screen.

✔ Coded entirely in VQMOD, no core file changes are made.
✔ Programmed without the need of any template changes, making it instantly compatible with all 3rd party OpenCart templates.

press CTRL+SHIFT+M on 404 page
password override: testing
login / password at login screen: demo / demo
Go to System > Settings > edit > 'Admin Security' tab
(note: demo account cannot modify)


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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29 Dec 2015

12 Nov 2012
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