Opentasks extension provides a “To Do List” for the admin users of your opencart eshop. Organize the employees of your online shop, prioritize your tasks for the upcoming days and observe their progress status.

❤ Video Presentation ❤

✔ Tested in all OpenCart 1.5.x versions (pls avoid version 1.5.5 as there is a general issue)

✯ Create a task. Give it a title and describe what must be done.
( ❤ Use the text editor enrich your description with images, links, bold messages, etc)
✯ Assign an expiring date to the task.
( ❤ Use the popup calendar for saving your time)

✯ Specify the task’s Author/Creator and let your moderators know who wants that task to be done.
( ❤ Choose from the list of already existing admin users, no name searching or typing)
✯ Specify the task’s Executer, so everyone knows what is assigned to whom.
( ❤ Choose from the list of already existing admin users, no name searching or typing)

✯ Prioritize the necessity of the task by entering a priority level.
(❤ If there are 2 or more task to be done at the same day, let your employees know what is more important.)
✯ Mark the status of your tasks and let others know its progress.

✯ Modify a moderator permissions on the extension. Deny modifying access in order to allow moderators update the task status but not delete, edit or counterfeit its content.
✯ Sort your tasks by ascending / descending order.
(❤ Sort first what is urgent in priority and let minor task at the bottom)
✯ Filter your tasks by title, description, task creator/executer, date, priority, status.
(❤ Enter an expiring date and have as result the tasks that expiring or are below that date, ✯ Filter which tasks are assigning to your name and avoid unnecessary searches, ✯ Locate all the open tasks quickly and easily)

✯ Be always informed of how many tasks you have and how many of them are in urgent priority with the Opentasks extension widget!

All rights reserved from Aris Skordialos (Ariskos)
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