Select City and Shipping by City

Select City and Shipping by City
NOW ARE VQMOD (July 20 2013)

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"Select City and Shipping by City" (compatible with OC 1.5.4.x, 1.5.5.x and 1.5.6.x) is an OpenCart extension / module that replace manual entering 'city name' in user registration form, address book, customers, Affiliates, Order, etc. with automatic selection city name from available dropdown list from database like as country and zone.

Is useful for shipping methods based city and when customer address, especially city, is essential to calculate shipping cost.

"Select City and Shipping by City", includes an admin module to set a Fixed cost of shipping by city.

== Live Demo ==

Front End:
Password: 123456

Username: admin
Password: demo

== License ==
The commercial license is for a single domain only, but allows unlimited setups on the same domain or sub domain at no extra charge.

(Si desea puede contactarnos en espa­ñol)

UPDATE in July 20 2013, NOW ARE VQMOD
Abril 6 2013:
(****Please take in mind that this extension is not vqmod***), and it is made with the default template and in language english.

If you use a different template or use another language, you must make the corresponding changes in template files and language.

June 24 2013:
* Fix error in Admin Panel (edit Order)
* Add Tax for Shipping by City

July 20 2013:

July 25 2013:
* Generalizing the xml file (vqmod) to work with any template in the path: catalog/view/theme/, and with any language on the route: catalog/language/ and admin/language/

UPDATE Mayo 10 de 2014

We've updated the module:
1) We include the Spanish language
2) We include two programs to install or uninstall required tables (Install_SelectCity.php and UnInstall_SelectCity.php)

UPDATE Mayo 19 de 2014

Convert from integer value a decimal value in shipping cost

UPDATE Junio 25 de 2014

Fix some bugs in Install Program: (Install_SelectCity.php and UnInstall_SelectCity.php)



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