JV_QuickOrder - Buy one click / fast checkout

JV_QuickOrder - Buy one click / fast checkout
JV_QuickOrder - Buy one click / fast checkout

Version - 2.98.2


This simple and beautiful module will allow you to increase number of sales, simplifying ordering process for buyer just to fill several fields.

Module allows you to order products directly from page category or product page. To order product buyer to fill a couple of fields (name, phone, e-mail, comment - which fields to show and what not to show buyer, configurable in backend module). It's easy, simple and convenient for customers.

When using fast order is real order products in store. Ordered product decreases in stock, send e-mail notifications (if configured in store). Order appears in backend store.

Simple and beautiful form of order
Choice of categories where module will work
Opportunity to consider number of goods and option shop "order with a shortage of stock"

Order shown in backend with all advantages (reduction of products in stock, e-mail notification, if configured in store)
Support affiliate program

Name and price of product in order form. If product is auction sale - displays discount price. Ability to customize, to show or not to show order form name and price of product;
Brief description of order form. Additionally there is a more detailed description of product in tooltip when you hover mouse cursor over a brief description. Ability to customize, to show or not to show order form a short description of goods;
Product images in order form. Opportunity to choose type of image: carousel, as a single image. Ability to customize, to show or not to show image in form of order goods;
Subsidiary title and text before contact details of buyer. Ability to configure title and text;

Ability to customize display of fields and details please fill mandatory fields;
Validation (checking) customer fills fields;
Ability to specify an input mask for "Phone" field ;
Tips for fillable form fields order. Ability to customize display on / off tooltips;

Check for availability. If number of product is less than one, then you can not order this item. To display a notice on buyer can not order this product.

Ability to customize type of notification (text, html);
Enable / disable sending of letters of notification of orders
Enable / disable notification of order to buyer. Notice of order is sent to e-mail buyer provided during application process. If buyer does not fill in "Email" field, then, of course, notification of order is not sent him;

and many other features ...


Login: demo
Pass: demo

For operation of module required:

  • PHP Version: 5.3.x.x or higher
  • PHP Extension: ionCube PHP Loader v4.4.x or higher

To check availability of necessary settings on Web-hosting, before you install a module download this archive. If it is necessary to change configuration of Web hosting services, please contact technical support Web hosting services.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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10 Oct 2019

5 Jan 2013
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