Product Option Image PRO 3

Product Option Image PRO 3
Product option image PRO is designed to improve standard OpenCart functionality of product images. It allows to assign images to product options (1 or more images per product option value) and display (show/hide) the images on the product page in the customer section depending on selected options.

Main features of the module:

  • allows to set few images for each product options value (option types "Select", "Radio" and "Checkbox")
  • changes the main product image depending on selected options (optional)
  • changes main product image on mouseover an additional image (optional)
  • displays product option images in the list of additional product images (optional)
  • replaces default thumbnails of product options with images specific for a product (optional)
  • makes thumbnails of options on a product page dependent on other selected options (optional)
  • shows images relevant to selected product options in the shopping cart (optional)
  • has simple import/export features (XLS)

For selecting many images at once (editing products in the admin section) and sorting/ordering images there easier (by dran-and-drop) and for complete compatibility with related options (Related Options or Related Options PRO), please use Product Option Image Ultimate

Animated demonstration:


The module already has adaptation to themes: Journal3, Journal2, Fastor, Aboss, Basel, eMarket, Outline, Kitchen Supplies, Tela, Sneaker, Oxy, Mogo, Royal, Funi, Techone, Begito, Pander, Unitystore, Trendo, Pav Fila, Pav Megashop, Storm, Gicor, Unero, Technopolis, Mega Deals, Digital Mart, Sellegance, Arubic, Handart, Wallcraft, White Eighteen, Mooboo, Desk, Butik, Ultrastore, Frame, Lightshop, Autima, Multimarket, Sellmore, Wokiee, Simtech, Newstore, Powder, Planthills, Beautyherb, Bralette Lingerie, Yoga, Feelmart, Megastore, Restore, Cyberwire, SaleW, Laparis, Zeexo, Lighting & Electricity, Optical, Uren, Shopnia, Elektro, Kiaria, Harvest, Topdeal, Beauty & Spa, Technics, Jewelry, Modern, Jewella, Glory, Madeshop, Fabion, Safira furniture, Lafash, Bestshop, Super Market, Bigmag, Boom, Shoppica and many others.

This is a module version for OpenCart 3.x, for OpenCart 2.x please use Product Option Image PRO 2


Demo admin:
login/pass: demo/demo

We also recommend:
  • Live Price - to dynamic price update (including discounts, special etc) on product page, depending on selected options and quantity.
  • Live Price PRO - improved version of Live Price module, which allows not only to update the price depending on selected options and quantity on product pages, but also to set global discounts and specials, to set discounts and specials in percentage and has more useful pricing features.
  • Related Options -to create combinations of related product option values and set stock, price, model etc. for each combination. It's useful for sales of products, having interlinked options, such as size and color for clothes (recommended to use with the Live Price module).
  • Related Options PRO - improved version or Related Options module, which allows to create different combinations of options values per one product.
  • Product Option Copy - to copy options from product to product
  • Parent-child Options - to show/hide child options (option groups) depending on selected values of parent options.

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