GoCrypto Pay

GoCrypto Pay
GoCrypto will streamline your online store’s checkout process with a seamless OpenCart Payment Gateway Extension that gives you all the flexibility you need, with zero volatility risk for settlements in your local currency, or instant settlements in cryptocurrency of your choice. By enabling GoCrypto you will be able to accept payments in over 50 different cryptocurrencies and gain access to over 40 million new customers from all over the world. Upgrade your OpenCart store now and be ready for global e-commerce success.

Meet your customers where they are and offer them wallet-based crypto payments with over 50 different cryptocurrency to choose from. Our Extension ensures seamless and secure transactions and will elevate your online store to new heights by embracing cutting-edge payment gateway and catering to a global audience. The future of eCommerce is now, and our GoCrypto OpenCart Extension is your gateway to it.

    Expand Customer Reach: Tap into a global market of young and tech-savvy crypto users.
    Versatile Currency Support: Accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies, offering flexibility to your customers (wallet-based or currency-based).
    Zero Volatility Risk: Choose settlement options that best suit your business needs - in crypto or your local currency.
    Unmatched Security Compliance: Experience the assurance of a payment network that meets stringent ISO standards and regulations. No additional certifications are needed.
    Customizable Paper Flow: Adapt your documentation to your own needs, with streamlined and even optional paperless flow options.
    Manager Tool: Comprehensive transaction reporting with real-time updates on all transactions with easy export options for accounting purposes.

    1. Log into your OpenCart admin panel, find the GoCrypto Pay plug-in, the OpenCart Extension Marketplace and press Download and Install.
    2. In your admin panel navigate to the Extensions tab and click Extensions.
    3. Under Choose the extension type click Payments.
    4. Find GoCrypto Pay on the list, click the blue icon with a pen to access the configuration menu of the plugin to enter the user data you received by email.

To set up the GoCrypto Pay you need to have a GoCrypto account. If you do not have an account yet sign up here. Follow the steps below to connect the plugin to your GoCrypto account:
    5. Enter your Host into the Host field. Skin is not mandatory.
    6. Enter your OTP into the OTP field.
    7. Enter your Terminal ID into the Terminal ID field.
    8. Choose the Environment (LIVE or TEST) and turn the Status slider on.
    9. To save the configuration click the blue icon in the top right corner.

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