Opencart Product Customizer and Designer

Opencart Product Customizer and Designer

Every customer loves a personal touch in whatever they buy either from the offline or online market. They look for unique choices that help them to stand out in the crowd. A number of buyers pick personalized items in a single go. This emerges the need for product customization at your online shop. Personalization of items and services is a great means to improve customer engagement and loyalty. In the eCommerce industry, product customization offers an opportunity for the sellers to differentiate their products from their competitors. For the good, Knowband has offered Opencart Product Designer/Customizer module which allows the customers to tailor their product or services before they purchase from the store. With the help of a product customizer, you can market a wide range of buying options at your store and satisfy customer needs. Now let us check what all factors make product customization comes into play.

Offer unique shopping experiences: Every individual has different demands and creativity inside. Customers can easily style their products and check the customized version on the same page before checkout.

Quick setup: This product designer extension comes with a easy installation and setup without involving any code configurations. You can enable product configurator for selected products at your store.

Personalize on a click: All the customers who enjoy personalized shopping will find the “Customize” button on the product page. As soon as they click the button, product design panel slides over the screen. They can easily pick desired color, pre-defined image designs and set text for the product.

Enhance customer loyalty: By delivering personalized goods and services, you can considerably improve the loyalty factor for your store. Selling unique products is a big step towards achieving high levels of customer trust.

Multiple design options: Customers can design their own products using formatted text, image groups, QR code and vibrant colors. Every design option has its specific cost which can be seen from the configurator panel.

Preview Customized Product: Allow your customers to check and manage applied product customization on the same product configurator page. The preview option helps them to design the product specific to their needs.

Save Customization Pricing: As the customer selects a product design option, the pricing for that design is quickly reflected in the Customization cost field. Further, they can save the product customization by clicking on the Save button on the configurator page.

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