UPS Shipping and UPS Access Point™ : Official Extension

UPS Shipping and UPS Access Point™ : Official Extension
UPS has launched a free UPS Shipping and UPS Access Point™ Extension that will allow you to integrate and offer a wide range of UPS shipping & delivery solutions directly on your website check-out process! This official UPS Extension for OpenCart gives your customers access to our expansive UPS Access Point network and delivery services.

United Parcel Service, Inc. (“UPS”) was founded in 1907 as a private messenger and delivery service in Seattle, Washington. Today, UPS is leading the logistics industry; UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company and a premier provider of global supply chain management solutions. Each business day, UPS delivers packages for 1.5 million shipping customers to 9 million recipients ("consignees") in over 220 countries and territories.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Please keep in mind the following before you start installing and configuring the UPS Shipping and UPS Shipping and UPS Access Point™ : Official Extension for OpenCart:
1. At the moment, the extension is supporting all Europe countries.
2. Please ensure your webstore is SSL enabled to ensure data-in-transit encryption. Or else, you will be unable to accept UPS Terms & Conditions and proceed further
3. After accepting the UPS Terms & Conditions, please ensure that you complete the configuration of the extension within 24 hours to avoid getting any errors during the configuration process. In case you resume the configuration after 24 hours and get errors, please uninstall the extension, clear webstore cache and then re-install the extension
4. If you have an existing UPS account number, while registering yourself on the Account page, please use the exact registered pickup address (which might be different from your invoice billing address) associated with this account number. Please note that the format of the postal code or zip code should exactly match the one provided in the registered pickup address. If you have any difficulties understanding which address to use, please contact your local UPS sales representative or call the support phone number provided on the “About” page

What this product does for you:
* Available for free.
* Easy to configure in 6 easy steps.
* Gives your customers access to an expansive UPS Access Point network throughout Europe and North America and delivery services to home/office/commercial addresses.
* Adds speed and convenience by allowing merchants to offer a wide range of delivery options in terms of speed (Standard, Express etc.) and multiple delivery location options (pick up at a convenient UPS Access Point location or delivery to your customers' home/office address).
* Improves your online cart conversions. Learn more how you can do this here.

What are the features of this product:

Front Office:
* Simple & easy map interface for your customers to select UPS Access Point as per their preference.
* User-friendly interface for your customers to switch from Access Point delivery to home delivery.
* Real time UPS shipping rate or flat rates for each available service (as per merchant’s back office settings).

Back Office:
* Range of options to set up delivery rates that your customers will see (for example: free shipping, real time shipping rates, or flat rates as per basket value thresholds).
* Possibility to open a UPS account directly in the module itself, if you do not have one.
* Easy PDF label generation.
* Real time tracking information.
* Ability to export open orders so that you can process them in other applications for more complex needs.

A UPS Account is required to enable UPS shipping.

However, this official UPS module, unlike other shipping modules that enable UPS shipping, does not require you to have a valid UPS Account prior to the module installation!
* If you have a valid UPS Account number: You can directly configure it for this extension by entering your account details (such as account number, invoice amount, number and currency) in extension configuration. No need to involve any UPS Account Manager or Technical Helpline. UPS APIs will do the account verification in the background and, if successful, you can start shipping right away.
* If you do not have a UPS account: You can directly and easily create one in the extension configuration without calling or waiting for any UPS representative. You can manage your invoices directly on the UPS Billing Center on after the account has been opened in the module.

Installation Support:

For installation instructions please visit

For technical issues please visit

and open up a support case. Our support team will take care of your issue.

Telephone Support
United Kingdom: +44 808 258 0323
Belgium: +32 78 48 49 16
France: +33 805 11 96 92
Germany: +49 32 221097485
Italy: +39 800 725 920
Netherlands: +31 85 107 0232
Poland: +48 22 103 24 55

Which versions of OpenCart is this product compatible with:
UPS Shipping and UPS Access Point™ : Official Extension is compatible with OpenCart versions,,,,,,,,,,,

What customers say about UPS Shipping and UPS Access Point™ : Official Extension

does not work, has the 150lb limit, you have to use the delux version with box size support

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