Bitcoin and Altcoin Payment Gateway by Bitpace

Bitcoin and Altcoin Payment Gateway by Bitpace
Our fully automated payment processing and invoice system enable your business to accept cryptocurrency payments. We designed our system to make the process easy, convenient, secure, and risk-free for both you and your customers.

Once you integrate the Bitpace API, you can get paid in Bitcoin, or other supported Altcoins and have your money FIAT deposited in your bank account almost anywhere in the world. Otherwise, you can get the coins transferred into your wallet if that would be your preference.


    Get paid in crypto, have your money deposited in your bank account in FIAT or have your crypto transferred into your wallet.

    Fixed Deposit; payments go through in a matter of minutes, just back and relax.

    No additional pages to take action, a dedicated address between you and your customer.

    Withdraw (Payouts in Coins); Customers can collect their balances in coins without facing hefty restrictions or unwanted bureaucracy. This also eliminates the need of finding a trustable exchange.

    Get paid in crypto, have your money deposited in your bank account in FIAT or have your crypto transferred into your wallet.

How It Works:
  • A customer wants to buy an item from your store. It costs $100.
  • The customer adds it to the cart, however, wants to pay in Bitcoin.
  • [*] An invoice is generated, and for the sake of this example, let’s say at the current exchange rate 1 Bitcoin is $10,000, therefore, the customer will pay 0.01 Bitcoin.


    1 - Please upload the files from the document you downloaded into Opencart website main folder

    2 - On the Opencart control panel, choose Extensions > Payments.

    3 - Find Bitpace plugin and click to install it. This step will require you to enter your API and Security keys.

    4 - Login to your Bitpace dashboard. Choose Settings and copy your API and Security keys, then switch back to your Opencart control panel and paste your keys into the correct fields. Make sure that there is no space at the beginning and end of the fields when you paste the keys.

    5 - Change the Status to “Enabled”.

    6 - Hit the Save button.

    2021 SG Veteris Europe EOOD (trading as Koinal and Bitpace) is incorporated in Bulgaria (Company Number 206635600) with its registered office at 17A Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., floor 2, 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria. SG Veteris EU EOOD has been registered as a cryptoasset business by the National Revenue Agency (NRA) in Bulgaria

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