Save Cart As Link OC v1.5 - 2.x

Save Cart As Link OC v1.5 - 2.x
Save Cart As Link
This extension is for Opencart 2.x and 1.5x.
If you're looking for our Save Cart As Link for 3.x versions - click here.


This modification allows customer or store owner save all products in the cart as one URL. Anywone who will visit this link will be directed to the cart filled with the same products that were in it at the moment of saving.

What's new

Apr 22, 2016: Added compatibility with Opencart v2.2.x

Tipical usage scenarious:
  1. Store owner prepares the cart for the customer and sends it to him. Customer just click on the link and order/pay for the goods,
  2. Customer saves the products in the cart for later use, e.g. if he decides to complete order later,
  3. Cusotmer sends the link to somebody else (my wishlist, products you should see, etc.).

Cart page screenshot at the moment of generating cart link.


Go to demo site. Put some products in the cart and go to cart page. Click on Save Your Cart As Link, copy the link, open another browser [incognito] window and paste the link in the address bar - you should have exactly the same cart.
Go to demo admin panel.
User: demo
Password: demo


Documentation available here

Technical support

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What customers say about Save Cart As Link OC v1.5 - 2.x

Great plugin and great support from Guntis! This is the best plugin for sharing a cart!
I had contacted Guntis (the developer) because of several customization issues I had with another 3rd party extension. Guntis was extremely professional, very timely with his responses, and solved every one of my issues. I cannot recommend a better developer to work on your website. Thanks Guntis!!!


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