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I made an extension to hide products out of stock click here to see

And this extension works with the other extension but in a certain category show all products of it, even if they are sold!


First: make a backup, always ;)

Only two pages to replace: product.php to put in /catalog/model/catalog/
and category.php to put in /catalog/controller/product/

After replace the files, you need to go to Administration and create the desired category, name it "sold out", "archive", anything you want! Once created that category, click on his "Edit". Look at the url of page, there is a category_id=.... right on the end... so you need to remember that number that is equal to the id of category. You need to associate all products you want to show to that category (sold or not).

Then you have to open the two pages, and search for =59 after find (many lines with it) you replace 59 with that id of category! Remember to replace all searches one two pages...


For SEARCHING ALL PRODUCTS (even the sold ones)

- download "Search" extension and replace the old products, and then follow the instructions above ;)


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Compatibility, 1.5.6,, 1.5.6,

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14 Nov 2017

31 Jul 2013
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