A-migration - data migration OpenCart 1.5. * --> 2. *

A-migration - data migration OpenCart 1.5. * --> 2. *
A-migration is a module for automatic data transfer (migration from OpenCart 1.5. * to OpenCart 2. *)

It may also be used for data transfer from one OpenCart 2. * to another OpenCart 2. *, for instance, the later version, or for data exchange between stores of the same version

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  • No need to use additional software (Excel, OpenOffice and etc.). You only need a hosting with OpenCart
  • ANY amount of data (products, categories, options, etc.) and any hosting. The script adds the data portion-wise with regard to the hosting capabilities.
  • Image transfer if they remain on the original website
  • Security of all tables. If the OpenCart version is installed, the tables in it contain multiple associated settings and parameters including those depending on a particular version. All the tables will remain completely safe. They will only be updated with the required data. So there will be no further problems with the website operation that usually occur with manual manipulations to merge fields and tables of different versions
  • Security of relations (all connections are saved: Images of products, options; languages will remain in place; the same attributes and their values, options, categories will be saved in the products; addresses, passwords, contacts will be saved in the customers; history, transactions, products will be saved in the orders, etc.)
  • It may also be used for particular data migration only, for instance, products only, categories only, options only, etc.
  • Migration of generic fields from the data base only takes entering similar fields in the website base they shall be transferred to. The module will find these fields and set the same values as on the original website
  • Support for users. If you need our help in migration process: simple case: 50USD, migration may take 3 to 4 hours

Requirements and information:
  • General knowledge of FTP and phpMyAdmin - if there are difficulties in these areas, contact us or your developer. General experience in working with FTP and phpMyAdmin is required.
  • Original website on Opencart 1.5.1 and later versions (including data base tables of the original website)
  • The website the data of OpenCart 2.* version shall be transferred to.
  • File rewriting is not required
  • CURL if images shall be transferred (all the hostings have CURL but it may be disabled by default)
  • The module does not delete anything, data may only be inserted if there are no similar ones. Reconciliation is performed by automatic increments.

Migration is possible from the following versions:
  • OpenCart 1.5.1.*, 1.5.2.*, 1.5.3.*,1.5.4.*, 1.5.5.*, 1.5.6.*, 2.*
  • From assemblies based on OpenCart of similar versions

To the following version:
  • OpenCart 2.* to the last one

The module may transfer the following:
  • Options (including images)
  • Attributes
  • Categories (including images)
  • Products (including images)
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Manufacturers (including images)
  • Seo Urls
  • Articles
  • The data from additional fields if they have been created (it will require adding the fields with the same names in the base the data are transferred to)


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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