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Dharma Web Studio
The word Dharma is usually understood through expressions such as: “that which holds or holds together”; “something established or firm”; “something well done, by nature”; o “that which sustains, that gives support” and this is because we aspire to be that “which holds and holds together” an organization, business or community, creating platforms that provide support and make life easier for our clients, allowing a margin of profit and a return on investment in the short term.

We offer you our design and development services for online stores based in OpenCart. We provide advice and service in the design of your online store and in the development of it, while we manage solutions with everything that surrounds the business model and that can have a critical importance, such as logistics, presence in multi-channel sales, shipping gateways, payment methods, pricing strategy, campaign management, return policies, product photography, content management, translations, and more.
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