10 Proven Ways to Make Your Ecommerce Sales Take Off

The e-commerce industry is thriving. Improved comfort and modification in customer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a getaway to online shopping. Consumers' e-commerce platform use has rapidly boosted from groceries and clothing to over-the-counter medications. With people shopping at online stores more than ever, many firms are trying to provide their customers with a smooth digital shopping experience.

Suppose you are new in the e-commerce industry or searching for ideas to increase sales through different proven techniques for your online business. In that case, you will find this post incredibly helpful as we will highlight some of those simple yet amazing hacks and guides that could enhance your conversion rate influencing your daily/monthly sales and, ultimately, your annual revenue.

  1. Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating a social media presence for marketing is not only about uploading content across various platforms using social media apps. To start creating your presence on social media platforms, you must map out your social media objectives, create a consumer persona after analyzing your target audience, and research your competitors. 

Considering these aspects, you must choose the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn) you want to utilize and create a social media calendar. For instance, TikTok is more appropriate if your audience is teenage or younger. If your audience is mature, target professionals using platforms like LinkedIn and others. 

Next, you must generate content that resonates with your brand messaging and goes with your audience. Utilizing diverse content will ensure you grab more eyes since different people like different sorts of content.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit are the social apps with increased conversion rates for e-commerce businesses, depending on your niche and consumer type. 

  1. Take Good Care of your Loyal Consumers

The moment our online sales freeze, we assume that our customers no longer need us and that they have fled away. Although, it's much easier to maintain and persuade customers who already are familiar with your store and products than to bring new buyers to your store.

Alex Contes, co-founder & saas expert of Reviewgrower, said, "An existing buyer spends on average more cash, puts in more products to their cart, and offers more sales conversion in each tap to your online store.

You should create marketing acts that refresh these loyal consumers' memory and make your audience feel you care for them, such as mailings with recommended products considering their prior purchases or searches on your website, information about out-of-stock products that will be launched soon, vouchers, deals, and congratulations for their birthday.”

  1. Expand your Cross-sell and Upsell Strategies

Related products account for 35 percent of Amazon's profits. Use this rule on your website and consider delivering more information about your catalog on each product page and every shopping method. 

Cross-selling requires recommending complementary products and accessories: what items do your consumers usually purchase together? What requirements can a specific product arouse? It's also beneficial to apply this technique for marketplace online sales, looking for listings and best seller products where you can display your products as related recommendations.

Upsell represents delivering a higher category product or an advancement to customers. Experts state that upselling is up to 20 times more useful than cross-selling, so you ought to constantly incorporate visual and textual schemes to provide customers with an opportunity to boost their purchases.

  1. Encourage User Reviews

Vicky Cano, Chef & Recipe developer at Mealfan, recommends, "Working on your customer service and offering personalized responses with a fast response margin and even some settlement if some product or delivery goes wrong. 

Customer reviews enhance e-commerce conversion ratios by 14%-76%. Pay attention to your consumer base and note objections that can enhance your sales: what often disappoints your customers, and how can you figure out that? For instance, many users may complain about not holding reference photographs if you sell earrings. Or, if you sell organic cosmetics, your buyers want to learn where your suppliers are established. Customer reviews are a useful information source to boost your e-commerce sales.”

Failures don't harm you, but your reaction can: consumers will be more generous to forgive you and keep shopping if you deliver a good service.

  1. Focus on Mobile Optimization and Add a Live Chat to your Store

As an e-commerce business, brand success depends on your website performance; making it user-friendly is important to get more website visitors and assure your brand's success. Although, if you take these measures only for the desktop version of your e-commerce store and ignore the smartphone user interface, you are blowing off a sizable portion of your potential customer base.

Joe Troyer, CEO & Head of Growth of DigitalTriggers, said, “Optimizing your website to create a mobile-friendly website can improve the user experience, which will impress your customers with your brand. If visitors can easily get what they're searching for, they'll be likelier to check out their purchase. Besides this, mobile optimization can drive higher conversion rates and boost sales.”

When making your website more mobile responsive, you must work with a few key things: easy navigation, responsive design, functionality, speed, and intuitiveness. By focusing on these aspects, you can enhance the shopping experience for your customers. 

Phone calls and emails have their significant place, but buyers will always gravitate to the simplicity and speed of live chat. Live chat is a buyer support technique that offers the highest consumer satisfaction rate at 73%. People will likely use live chat instead of any other communication method, making it perfect for your e-commerce platform.

Adding a function live chat to your website will let you communicate with buyers more effectively without breaking the bank.