8 Ways to Generate More Leads for Your eCommerce Business

Everything is set: Your business is rolling out a new product, capped at the best price. But without people to market and sell it to, your eCommerce business is heading for the rocks. 

With approximately 90% of eCommerce businesses failing within the first 120 days, many things could make a business fail. And having zero to little leads is one of them. 

The premise here is simple; customers are the lifeline of every business. If you can generate more  qualified  leads, you win — even with an average product.

We’ve put together eight proven ways to generate leads for your eCommerce business. And though you can bring a seasoned marketer onboard through a  strategic hiring plan  to help you with these, some lead generation marketing techniques are pretty straightforward, so you can get the ball rolling by yourself. Let’s jump in. 

1. Create Custom Landing Pages

Lead generation landing pages are crucial for every conversion optimization strategy. 

When you send online visitors to your website’s homepage, you’re leaving money on the table and missing precious chances of converting visitors interested in your products. 

While you can incorporate landing pages in different marketing strategies like social media and email marketing, the “context for use” is the same.  Custom landing pages help your visitors focus exclusively on a product and encourage the next point of action.

To create an optimized landing page the right way, use unique content to bring in top-of-the-funnel leads. For example,   unique content such as infographics or industry reports targets search queries in your industry and shows your expertise. 

You may make this unique content partially available or gated. Then, design custom landing pages for it to act as a lead capture. And voila!  You have your own lead generator. 

Human psychology aside,   45 percent of consumers will switch brands if they don’t actively satisfy them. It sounds cumbersome, but it means people value exclusive content with instant gratification. 

Therefore, create optimized landing pages encouraging visitors to complete the desired action. If the goal is to close a sale, ensure the landing page has all the necessary elements, i.e., a great headline, benefits-oriented copy, social proof, and stunning visuals.


If you’re trying to build your email list, provide an incentive like a free product sample, guide, ebook, etc. You can also use quizzes, a fun way to collect email addresses while helping your customers to learn something about themselves.


When used alongside a great marketing strategy, custom landing pages improve website traffic and capture top-of-the-funnel leads. 

2. Email Outreach

Despite the hype around social media and other “modern” content marketing techniques, email outreach is still an effective marketing tactic. It has a great ROI of up to $45 for every $1 spent in the eCommerce industry.