How InVideo Helps Merchants Sell Their Products Online

For merchants, the retail business sector is brimming with fierce competition. Retailers in different parts of the world are resorting to modern marketing tactics to overcome competitors and close more sales in less time. Retail businesses have begun tapping into the power of video marketing.

When crafted with expertise, videos can work wonders for your brand value. But employing the right tech stack is vital for fruitful results. A feature-filled online editing tool like InVideo can come to your rescue.

Without more ado, we will now shed light on the top 5 ways modern merchants can leverage InVideo to sell products faster.

1. Create excellent visuals 

We live in an era where video content has made its way into almost every industry. Now that all brands are harnessing video content to stand out from the crowd, you must produce excellent and unique visuals to get your offerings noticed quickly.  Videos are perfect for explaining the functions of newly launched products. 

Video content is bound to work in your favour as most people are visual learners. Since humans are more likely to remember visuals, videos can significantly boost your chances of increasing sales. With an editor like InVideo at your disposal, you can make outstanding visuals for your products within minutes.

Depending on your preferences, you can start from scratch or take your pick from over 5000+ retail video templates. Be it a promotional video or product tutorial, you can create a wide variety of content with InVideo. The user-friendly interface of InVideo further simplifies the task for merchants who are not that tech-savvy. 

2. Insert voice overs and background music in your product videos

When it comes to demonstrating new products, voice overs become a must for facilitating easy comprehension. Videos that contain voice overs have a higher likelihood of being watched compared to videos that have no voice overs. InVideo allows retail merchants to enrich their product videos with voice overs and background music. If you want your voice overs to be clear and crisp, you must use an external mic for recording them.

Background music can also be a good substitute for voice overs. You can dig into the media library of InVideo to find relevant background tracks and instrumentals. But the background tracks you use must correspond to the theme of product videos.

3. Include closed captions

There are swaths of people who prefer watching online videos without turning the sound on. Likewise, it often happens that viewers cannot understand what you are saying due to accent differences. This is why you must add captions to all your product videos. Product videos that are accompanied by captions are a lot more valuable and fun to watch.

Captions can also help merchants aid the understanding of viewers who may be suffering from major hearing difficulties. 

4. Cut out boring parts from your videos

Since the daily grind of city life is pretty exhausting, people have very little time at hand to consume online video content. This implies that you must keep your product videos short and sweet. Even video marketers agree that creating short-form video content has become a necessity as the global attention span of human beings is on a steep decline.

Long-form video content will do nothing except drive potential buyers away. Short videos will prove a boon for viewer engagement levels. There is no ideal length limit for product videos. As a general rule, you must keep all videos under 3 minutes to pave the way for maximum sales.

In case you have already created a long-form video, there is no need to lose your calm. You can easily trim your video using InVideo's built-in content trimmer. 

5. Add powerful CTAs to videos

Another great thing about InVideo is that it allows merchants to include CTAs (call-to-actions) in their videos. The prime purpose of adding CTAs is to prompt viewers to take action that will benefit your brand. You must use emotional words in your CTAs to boost the appeal of your product videos. CTAs that include emotionally powerful words work like a charm for influencing the purchase decisions of potential buyers.

Moreover, well-crafted CTAs can help merchants move potential buyers quickly through various stages in the sales funnel. See it add powerful CTAs to your videos and encourage your viewers to spread the word about your products in their circle.

6. Share your product videos with the world

Creating engaging product videos is only half the task. You must share your content with the masses, especially if you want your hard work to pay off. InVideo boasts an inbuilt sharing facility that lets merchants share their videos online from within the platform itself. Once you are done crafting your videos, the share button will be visible to you. You don't have to download the video on your system and manually share it on each social media platform.

The good news is that InVideo will allow you to share your product videos on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites with the click of a button. 


There is no denying that video content can go a long way in turbocharging sales

Merchants are increasingly realising the sales-boosting potential of video content. One CBD oil store in Hong Kong is taking complete advantage of video marketing using our video service. They are turning to video content solely to market their products to bigger audiences. While video content can increase sales, you will have to unleash your creative forces to gain an edge over other merchants. Make sure you give InVideo a try to take your retail business to the next level.