How To Boost Brand Awareness in Social Media

Social media has been used by billions of people worldwide to connect with their family and friends. However, it has also become an excellent way for businesses to promote their brands.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are just some social media platforms people use daily. Each platform has different features and has been used in various ways.

In 2021, about 4.26 billion people worldwide used social media. And the number may increase to almost 6 billion in 2027.

Companies and small businesses have constantly sought ways to promote their posts and increase brand awareness. However, many still need to figure out how to do it effectively.

Social media is an excellent marketing channel. And if you master its complexities, you can quickly gain attention for your content and increase brand awareness.

What is brand awareness?

It is a marketing term that refers to how familiar consumers are with a brand or its products or services. Establishing brand awareness is crucial in promoting a product or brand.

Products and services that have a high level of brand awareness generate more sales. People are more likely to purchase a name-brand product than an unfamiliar one. They trust brands they recognize.

Why is brand awareness vital?

Brand awareness is the first step in every customer journey. Your brand awareness tactic will set the tone for your customer's experience with your brand.

Furthermore, it leads to trust, which means the more people recognize your brand, the more successful your business will be. Customers' trust affects their purchasing decisions. So, when customers recognize and trust your brand, they become repeat purchasers.

Moreover, your brand's value is determined by your customers' experiences. A positive experience leads to a positive image and higher brand value.

Therefore, brand awareness is crucial for every business. 

Techniques To Boost Brand Awareness on Social Media

Businesses must have an effective brand awareness strategy on social media so more people will recognize their brand and products or services. Here are some strategies that can get social media users' attention.

1. Create a personality

Your social media presence has to be unique and impressive. One of the strategies that several industries apply is creating a fun social media presence. They would share funny or compelling memes, reels, and videos about their brand and products.

For example, some fast-food restaurants create memes about their menus or their customers' experiences in their restaurants. At the same time, some companies create personal content, like street interviews. Many followers prefer to see unique, human-centric content instead of promos and links.

Establish an impressive brand personality that makes people easily recognize your business. You must create unique content that can pique the interest of your target market. Determine what type of content attracts their attention.

2. Post visually attractive posts

Posting visually appealing content with catchy captions can attract users and help them recognize your brand. You may post and share content showing your products or logos.

If you don't have appealing photos featuring your products, you may share unique illustrations or images instead of generic photos. You may also publish an announcement using graphics instead of text.

Think of anything you can do aesthetically to make your posts stand out. Even if you don't have the skills in design, heaps of social media post templates can help you create eye-catching images.

3. Leverage the power of hashtags

Hashtags have become a powerful tool in social media marketing. They are used to increase brand awareness, boost SEO, target a specific group of people, and use trending topics to your advantage.

When adding hashtags to your post, use hashtag analytics tools to ensure they are relevant and applicable to your brand. Also, consider what is trending at the moment so you can push your content to a broader audience. Riding on others’ coattails can be beneficial to your brand and business.

4. Use the comment section

The comment section is also algorithmically ranked. Therefore, marketers and businesses are taking advantage of this feature to boost brand awareness.

They take the comment sections of viral posts and make them relevant to their brand. You'll often see lots of likes and comments in the top comments. This way, brands get more exposure and often secure a top spot in the comment section.

Keep an eye out for viral posts related to your brand or industry. Engage with users in the comment section and expose your brand.

Image by martenbjork from Unsplash

5. Run social media contests

The primary purpose of creating brand awareness is to get people to try your product or service. One way to do it is by giving away free stuff.

The "tag-a-friend" social media contest is an excellent way to get new audiences and more followers on your social media accounts and raise brand awareness. You may also want to consider Brand Activation Marketing in this process or may also collaborate with a content creator or another brand. This way, you will increase your new audience size.

6. Collaborate with other brands

Both sides can reach out to new audiences when brands work together on fresh marketing concepts or product releases. Co-branding and co-marketing strategies increase brand awareness.

Furthermore, this strategy is an excellent way to make a positive impression on other competitors in your industry. Look for strategic partnerships as you look for your industry's landscape. Look for the best possible partner for your brand. Consider making use of content collaboration tools to ensure your partners stay on-brand.

7. Publish different posts for different platforms

Every social media platform has a unique way of showing content. They have loyal audiences who like to consume content that way. You must adapt your content based on the demands of that specific platform.

For example, you can get more views, likes, and shares on Facebook if you post informative, entertaining, and shareable content. Create eye-catching headlines and content that establishes emotional connections with your audience.

Instagram is a platform that thrives on appealing and stunning photos. Visually attractive images are crucial in attracting an audience. If you are an expert at creating great visuals for your content, Instagram is an excellent platform.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is known as a platform for professionals. Therefore, your content should add value to their professional lives and careers. Lastly, Twitter is a platform with witty, trending updates. Ensure your content is attractive, catchy, and curiosity-inspiring.

Promote Your Brand on Social Media

Social media allows you to connect with new and current customers. Marketers and businesses have leveraged social media to promote their brands and products. However, you must know the complexities of this marketing channel, especially since the competition in every industry is intense.

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