How To Use Opencart as SaaS

Are you going to convert your store to an online e-commerce store and looking for an easily convertible way to start your online store?

Nowadays every merchant wants an online store for their business in this fastest-growing digital business world to sustain. E-commerce business is a demand of this era and is the biggest reason for an online website of the store.

Transform Your Store to an Online E-Commerce Shopping Mall

The best way to earn and grow along with the changing environment is to have an online eCommerce store website. The business owner has to transform the business according to the recent scenario for survival.

These days merchants are adapting online business trends to expand their business. This change is also based on the recent shopping experience of customers and the increase in demand for online shopping.

Small businesses are now taking massive advantage by starting an online business with less infrastructure and cost-effective way.

Why Your E-Commerce Business Need Opencart Multi-Company SaaS service?

Every business owner wants an interactive and good website for their online store business so that they can easily grow and sell their products online to earn more profit. Now We have a module to create an online e-commerce store for the merchants. By using this module they can convert their business to an online e-commerce store.

Multi-Company Saas Extension offers business merchants a solution to start an online e-commerce store without any other installation and plug-in. This helps the merchants to open an online store website within some time as there is no need for any technical knowledge to open a store website. This saves the time and cost of installation.

Thus, this module is useful to the business merchants as it is cost-effective and time-saving along with no in-depth technical knowledge required to start an online store.

What is a Multi-Company SaaS service?

Multi-Company SaaS helps the clients/tenants to start their e-commerce business in a few minutes without any further installation and plugin required.

Merchants/ Tenants just need to sign up and create their own store with their mapped domain name to start their business.

This converts the store to an e-commerce virtual mall. Multiple vendors can sign-up to create their own store.

Reasons To Choose Multi-Company SaaS Service

There are the following reasons to choose this SaaS Service:

Different Admin Dashboards For Tenant/ Client

There is a separate admin panel for tenant/client so that the tenant can easily handle their products sale purchase, commission, etc from their end. The tenant has complete control and access to their website.

No Further Plug-In Or Installation Required

After store registration, the client does not need any installation or any other plugin to set up the business as it is fully end-to-end integrated.

Easy Steps For Registration

The tenants can register themselves easily by following the three easy steps for registration. After Registration, the tenants can start their online e-commerce business as they just need the registration process to start the online store.

Multiple Vendors Can Sign-Up Simultaneously

Multiple Tenants can easily sign-up at the same time to register themselves and start their business using the Multi-Company SaaS service.

Create A Store With Their Mapped Domain Name

The clients/tenants can create their own online store with their mapped domain name. They can create websites of their mapped domain name with the help of the custom domain feature.

If the merchants want a website with a unique brand name that identifies their website so with the help of the custom domain feature they can achieve that functionality.

For Example; A store name is Dwell Smith Stores so the custom domain for this will be


Easy Login For Registered Tenants

The tenants who have already registered can also easily log in to their store as there is an option for log-in below the store registration. This will redirect the tenants to their own store by just entering the credentials of their store.

Membership plans in SaaS Service

Tenants can also purchase a membership as per their preference. Here is a membership feature available for the tenants to purchase a membership plan.


The tenant can view and upgrade these membership plans accordingly.

That’s all for the Multi-Company SaaS service article. I hope you find this helpful.

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