Package Tracking now available as new PayPal Checkout feature

Today’s shoppers don't just expect packages to arrive at their doorsteps promptly – they also want to know where it is every step of the way. With 96% of shoppers actively tracking their packages (and 17% checking multiple times a day),1 package tracking is an essential e-commerce tool that provides convenience and peace of mind to shoppers everywhere.

The new package tracking feature is now part of PayPal Checkout. By upgrading to the latest version of PayPal Checkout you can minimize time spent dealing with delivery inquiries and reduce the number of “items not received” disputes by as much as 80%2.

Understanding package tracking

Package tracking is a cornerstone of modern shipment monitoring, allowing businesses and shoppers to follow a package's journey from its dispatch location to its final destination.

The way package tracking systems work is simple. First, they assign a unique tracking number to each package. Next, advanced scanning technology records the package’s every move at each of the checkpoints along its journey. Customers can enter the tracking number into a carrier's website or app to view real-time updates on location, status, and estimated delivery times.

For businesses, package tracking can be key to maintaining customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Shoppers, on the other hand, benefit from the reassurance of knowing precisely when to expect their goods.

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The importance of package tracking for businesses

With so many packages zipping around the globe at any time, package tracking has unsurprisingly become a critical element of e-commerce success. Businesses can enjoy:

  • Greater customer satisfaction. Providing them with timely and transparent details about their order's status reduces the anxiety associated with waiting for orders to arrive.

  • Higher operational efficiency. 87% of Americans say they have had a package delivered late, with 43% that check tracking information daily.1 As a result, effective package tracking systems may allow businesses to reduce the burden on customer service teams, as well as improve overall operations.

  • Better brand reputation. Businesses that offer reliable and efficient shipping services, underscored by robust package tracking capabilities, can stand out in the market. This reliability may enhance the company's reputation, and can encourage customer loyalty, helping to attract new clients through positive reviews.

The benefits of package tracking solutions

Trust, security, and transparency are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of package tracking solutions.

  • Trust, security, and transparency are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of package tracking solutions.

  • The strategic use of package tracking can also help businesses preemptively reduce disputes. Real-time shipping information equips customers with the knowledge they need, potentially averting misunderstandings or concerns about order statuses.

  • Further, integrating package tracking with customer service processes can automate and simplify dispute resolution, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual reviews. By allowing customers to flag issues with specific items rather than disputing the entire order, businesses can minimize the costs associated with resolving these concerns.

Using PayPal to help automate package tracking

No business owner wants to deal with frustrated customers demanding to know the whereabouts of their orders. Luckily, with comprehensive package tracking solutions, you don’t have to.

By using PayPal for checkout, orders and shipment statuses are automatically synced, streamlining the process from sale to delivery. This not only keeps customers informed about their purchases in real-time but also helps reduce operational costs for businesses.

How to activate PayPal’s package tracking 

The updated extension with package tracking is available for OpenCart 2.2.0, 2.3.x, 3.x.x, 4.x.x. All you have to do is to simply upgrade to the latest PayPal Checkout version.

Upgrade PayPal Checkout now

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2 Tracking details can reduce INR disputes by 80%. Based on PayPal internal data from January 1 - May 5, 2023 for 'item Not Received' Dispute criteria in North America (US).