Take your online store to the next level with the TikTok x OpenCart integration!

TikTok has a one-of-a-kind shopping culture, called Community Commerce. This is creator-driven, word-of-mouth marketing that's powered by the community's ability to make brands and products take off quickly. This is because a majority of TikTok users report feeling entertained when they use the platform and say that the ads are the most fun and entertaining, compared to our competitors—which fuels the power of product recommendations on TikTok.

Today, we're announcing our partnership with OpenCart that will help merchants of all sizes create campaigns that can take advantage of TikTok's unique e-commerce culture and reach TikTok's highly engaged community.

The TikTok x OpenCart integration makes it even easier for a highly engaged audience to find and buy your products on TikTok. Integrating TikTok into your OpenCart store unlocks potential revenue boosting one-stop commerce solutions like:

  • Installing our most advanced pixel in one click to maximize your campaign efforts
  • Syncing your existing catalog in one click
  • Choosing from our diverse selection of ads and creating engaging content in minutes without leaving your OpenCart dashboard

Unleash the eCommerce potential of TikTok and connect your business today!